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Refrigeration and condition equipment, 
maintenance and installation


We believe that process of designing a project is a crucial part of implementation because that is what the whole result depends on.

That is why we are ready to help You to construct Your ideas by preparing quality and well thought out projects that will not only ensure uninterrupted and effective work but also be economically viable. 

Certified specialists of AGV Serviss LTD design cooling, air conditioning and ventilation system projects.

 Projektu izstrāde - AGV Serviss, SIA
 Aukstuma iekārtu automātika - AGV Serviss, SIA


Systems can:

  • change temperature settings,

  • control energy consumption, turn the devices off and on,

  • receive logs and reports about temperature regimes,

  • receive alarms over e-mail or text messages,

  • browse reports about the state and performance of the equipment about any time of the process and from everywhere in the world where telecommunications or internet is available.


all of that is provided by refrigeration unit remote control systems developed by our engineers.

 Aukstuma iekārtu izolācija - AGV Serviss, SIA


We carry out equipments with PU foam by using extrusion method on the spot at the plant:


  • refrigeration unit,

  • air conditioning device, 

  • cold water system tank,

  • piping insulation.


We are using different sealing materials such as galvanized iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other hard material coating. Also we carry out insulation works with porous rubber.

Aukstuma iekārtu remonts - AGV Serviss, SIA


Reciprocating and rotary screw compressor repairs with varying difficulty. 

  • crankshaft, 

  • covering work surface with plasma, 

  • grinding,

  • semi-hermetic compressor motor rewiring.

Spare parts:

Grasso and Frascold rotary screw compressor spare part warehouse; Parts from Gram, Sabroe, Stal, ČDK Praha (NF, UL), USSR type compressors P110, AY200, AB100.

Refrigeration unit spare parts:

Air cooler electric heaters L2500, L2000, etc.

Air cooler and condenser fans:

with 4 locations or support D630, D500, D400, etc.

 Aukstuma iekārtu montāža - AGV Serviss, SIA


We are proud of our main technologist that works at our assembly department – Vladimirs Jevdokimovs, who is one of the best experts in Latvia in the field of industrial refrigeration. His knowledge and experience are invaluable in our work. 

We provide assembly supervision services to assure the highest level of quality for our clients. 

Equipment is assembled in AGV montage department. 

AGV Serviss electrotechnics department also makes control panels.

Aukstuma un saldēšanas iekārtu serviss - AGV Serviss, SIA


The goal is to decrease the possibility of alarms occurring by performing regular check-ups and maintenance procedures of the devices.

Our service duty is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Five mobile brigades provide quick response everywhere in Latvia. BY using internet and telecommunications twenty-four hour surveillance is performed on equipment through remote connections. Alarms are received by the use of SMS messages. These modern technologies are innovative solutions that have been developed by our specialists. We provide performance quality and uninterrupted process.

+371 29 12 14 16 ON EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY.

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